Hello everyone,

My name is Yin Tao Hua. I'm the General Manager of The Bright Connection. I have done my job for over ten years after my graduation.

I spent my youth time here, and fallen in my love, later, I get married, and had my child, still working for TBC today.

I took care of Qiong Jian Davis in her home as her nanny and lived with the founders Mr. and Mrs. Davis. Later, I have a chance to work for TBC and have done so till today.

I have fulfillment and gladness after I see those handicapped children recovered, such as the child who can not walk before and later they can walk; the one who cannot speak and they can speak, the one who cannot eat, can eat, after exercise them with much progress.

Some children recovered and went to school, even found a job. TBC makes the life's dream true to those who came to us, while they harvested a good healthy body.

I hope TBC may continue it's business, because we can help with more handicapped children recover their body, and contribute to society. Also we can see the love of God may forward to everyone's heart. We hope TBC will keep shinning. We hope TBC has a brighter future.

Yin Tao Hua

Sept. 24, 2019


Hello everyone,

We are privileged to have experienced twenty years of life in Sanya, Hanian Island, China. The people, the food, the culture, the fortunate and the not so fortunate. Our hearts were touched when we received a phone call in 1997, from a hospital to come visit an eight month old baby girl who had been abandoned.

The nurses named her Qiong Jian which translated means chosen on Hainan Island. Later, we would find out why she was indeed chosen. We adopted her knowing her physical needs and mental needs were great.

Her needs led us into the discovery of other children with similar needs. Out of these needs we began the bright connection in the year 2004.

The Bright Connection is home away from home and serves as a rehabilitation center to each child who is assessed and a health program is designed to fit their needs.

Fifteen years later, The Bright Connection has seriously changed the lives of over seventy to eighty special needs children living in Sanya city and surrounding area.

Mainly managed by Chinese people and mostly Chinese money, The Bright Connection was founded purely out of the great need of one Chinese baby.

we are thankful to be the founders of and serving the bright connection.

John and Maggie Davis

Sept. 24, 2019


Dear Mommy & Daddy,

The following writings are made by Ou Di.

I remember I came to TBC in 2005, which is more than ten years from now on. First, I like give thanks to God that I have experienced many his love and blessings!

It is God that I have chance to know Mommy and Daddy. I would like give thanks to Mommy and Daddy, because of their love drew me closer to Him.

I also give thanks to Charley, because he gave me a lot of warmth and help, he also led me to know God! Every Sunday he rode a tricycle to the local church under the sunshine. So he’s a hero in my heart.

Later Vicky became my teacher, and she encouraged me a lot to study harder. She also often led me to know God!

I also give thanks to Tao Hua, she told me to climb the stairway to exercise my body.

Finally, I like give thanks to TBC, Mommy, Daddy, and all teachers and staff who helped me before!

Now, I came back to orphanage. I eat, take shower, sleep, and I asked them to buy a computer for my self-study. One thing is the staffs here are better than before. Praise God! God is best.

Ou Xiao Di, written by Tao Hua

Sept. 24, 2019