May 2011

Dear Friends !                                                              2011/ 05




News for March and April in Our Center

In these two months there were some volunteers came from Sanya College. They were students and they came to help us on weekends. All of them were loving and diligent and they really helped us a lot. Our kids loved them. For their coming here our staff can take rest on weekends in rotary. The students of Sanya College were not only study hard, but also had a helpful heart! This made us feel joyful and we believe they can do more contributions after they find jobs in society. We appreciate them and wish them STUDY WELL, PROGRESS DAILY.


    There was a Chinese photography visited our center to see our kids. He bought two washing machines for us. We had two washing machines before and frequently broke down for several years. We appreciate his support and help for he gave us great favor.



Massage therapist called Mr. Cai came from the Philippines, visited our center and he was introduced by Mrs. Liu who was a friend of mommy. We appreciate mommy and Mrs. Liu because she brought Mr. Cai to teach our staff massage skills for our kids. We need more attentions and new methods to exercise and do massage for kids. This does not mean we have no way to exercise our kids, we do have ways and we just like to study more to enhance our exercising method in order for the kids to have quicker progress. The Massage therapist taught us many new methods and even though he was very busy, he still like came here to help these kids. We appreciate him very much.

在三亚喜来登度假酒店的销售总监 吴肖娟买一辆轮椅给我们中心一个脑瘫孩子小微,之前这吴肖娟朋友也买我们中心两三辆轮椅;她是很好的人,很有爱心的人,她也常常来看我们中心的孩子;我们非常感谢吴肖娟销售总监帮助我们的孩子和爱我们的孩子。


Belinda Goh, a sales Director of Sheraton Hotel. She bought a wheelchair for a child called Xiao Wei with CP problem in our center, and before that this lady already bought two or three wheelchairs for our center. She’s a very kind and very loving person and frequently comes to see our center’s kids. We appreciate Belinda Goh to help our kids and love our kids.