Dear Friends,

What a Joy it was and now in 2020, it will continue to be a Joy and Honor to serve so many wonderful children.

Several of the special children from beginning, 2004, are now in public school ! A big PTL.... no other way to say it !

The TBC Center welcomed many guests throughout the friends for the children and staff.

The fact that the Center must move soon due to neighborhood remodeling and new designations. China is constantly building and restructuring for commercial reasons and improving lifestyles for the people. The overall Big Picture is good for the children and their special needs.

Please keep TBC in mind for the right time to pack up and for the right building , grounds and neighborhood. There are expenses of course .

If you can give into this financial need, see

Also we are found on the “WeChat” app (please scan the QR code below). Most interesting as we move forward.


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